2017 Honda Pilot

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Honda is leading car manufacturer in Japan, unveiled it’s third-generation 2017 Honda Pilot at the Auto Show 2015 in Chicago, did not rest the Japanese company. With the current Ford Pilot still available for sale in the market, the carmaker already working on a novel version of the model for the model year 2017. Since the existing Pilot recently refreshed, buyers can expect their Honda Pilot 2017 with more changes and the majority of the changes will be carried inside the vehicle. The new 2017 Pilot is expected to come up with some new technology developments and more space, which means that the new vehicle will be wider and longer, as well as the former pilot.

2017 Honda Pilot Interior

Unlike outside, the 2017 Pilot heavy changes undergone design in the interior. The automaker has added a few renovations done with the aim of ensuring a better comfort for the occupants of the vehicle. As the new Pilot comes with additional external dimensions, the cabin will have more interior space. It comes with three rows of seats, as more space comes from the second and third row of seats, which is a little more space required with a larger space cargo.

The new 2017 Pilot will come equipped with usual features like audio streaming, Bluetooth connectivity, touch display audio, power features, cruise line control, and air conditioning. Things such as a DVD entertainment air conditioner, satellite radio, natural leather border, air, and heated front seats as optional features.

2017 Honda Pilot Exterior

In general, it is part of a lot of similarities with new 2017 Acura MDX. The liberal use of aluminum elements in the body of the new vehicle shows a way to a more frivolous body weight. As a result, it is expected its owners a much better mpg offer compared with those of the current model. Furthermore, the new Pilot is going to get some minor tweaks in its external design. The new Honda Pilot 2017 will increase body measurements in comparison with those of the current Pilot.

Even though 2017 Honda Pilot is a mid-measurement sports utility vehicle, through additional dimensions, the 2017 model will pilot certainly affect different areas of the vehicle. The 2017 Pilot wheelbase of the vehicle so will likewise increase creating better aerodynamic capabilities. This plan will be less than on its predecessor, an aspect focused on improving the basic features and increase the body capacity.

2017 Honda Pilot Engine

Under 2017, Honda Pilot hood is likely powered by a V6 engine with the fuel capacity of 3.5 liters. Honda Pilot 2017 engine is fine to offer the new Pilot the necessary power output of 300 horsepower and a torque limit of 267 pounds per foot. The 2017 Honda Pilot engine is linked to a new nine-speed computerized transmission and all power will certainly be sent to the front wheels of the vehicle. All the higher end models will be offered with the four-wheel drive system and traction administration as well. The new Pilot comes with front-wheel drive system as an option. The new 2017 Honda Pilot engine offers better acceleration making it reach the speed of 60 km from the start in 8.9 seconds.

2017 Honda Pilot Elite Model

2017 Honda Pilot Elite Model

The heating and cooling portion significantly improve the performance of the new Pilot in snow or mud terrain. The new Honda Pilot 2017 model offered in a city and highway 18 mpg and 25 mpg, respectively. The towing capacity of the new vehicle will be about 5,000 pounds (2,273 kg), even though some developments can be made to a pending his launch.The new Pilot comes with front-wheel drive system as an option. The engine also provides better acceleration making it reach the speed of 60 km from the start in 8.9 seconds.

2017 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

The 2017 Honda Pilot release date is expected to be late 2016, with the base 2017 Honda Pilot price ranging from $ 35,000 to $ 40,000.