2016 Honda Civic Type R

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The 2016 Honda Civic Type R is the most powerful version of the Honda Civic of Honda Motor Company of Japan. It has reinforced a streamlined body and bespoke engine and upgraded brakes and suspension.  In Japan there is a single-brand car series Honda Civic Type R, where privateers can a 2016 Honda Civic Type R terrain buy and compete in a championship series that is a springboard for many aspiring racers.

The first Civic, the “Type A” was on the 6th generation Civic “EK” is based to obtain. The base model was the contribution JDM Civic SiR hatchback called 3 door EK4 codename. Like its big brother, the Integra Type R DC2 / DB8 JDM, the transformation of the Civic Type R SiR A was obtained and improve by working on the basis of model the idea of ​​a Honda car high performance on the track.

The first, the Honda Civic Type R badge was obtained, which introduced the EK9 in August 1997. The EK9 shared many characteristics with the Integra Type R DC2 DB8 / JDM as soundproofing injunctive and other measures to reduce weight, a B16B engine manually before helical limited-slip differential and ratio performed near transmission. The B16B engine boasted one of highest output per liter of all time for a naturally-aspirated engine with 185 PS (136 kW; 182 PS) from 1.6 liters. For the first time a welded monocoque chassis was strategic seams have been used to improve the rigidity of the chassis. The interior pre-red seats, door cards red, red Type R floor mats, a titanium shift knob and a Momo leather steering wheel.

Published in 1998 edition Honda Civic Type R Motorsport. It came with steel wheels, no air conditioning, no power steering. Standard Type R interior, Recaro bucket seats, Momo steering wheel and red carpet with matching door panels included. Rx model type has a CD player, body-color retractable electric mirrors, electric windows, Climate Control, Keyless Entry unlock system, aluminum sports pedals and a center plate carbon type specified.

Autocar is reporting that the next generation Honda Civic Type R has been reported in the production at the Paris Show in September 2012 and was at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2014 considered. This is the first factory turbocharged Civic Type R in history the product line, the direct addition to compete with new competitors in the segment like the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus RS R.

2016 Honda Civic Type R 4 Door

2016 Honda Civic Type R 4 Door

In January 2015 Honda announced that the model of the 4th generation of the Honda Civic Type R production would be willing to be at the 85th Geneva Motor Show alongside the European premiere of the second generation of the Honda NSX debut.

2016 Honda Civic Type R (Green)

2016 Honda Civic Type R (Green)

In March 2015 Honda started the 4th generation of the 2016 Honda Civic Type R at the Geneva Motor Show. Specifications include 270 kmh top speed, 2.0-liter i-VTEC Turbo earth dreams, as well as a R + button to increase the response of the frame and improved driving experience engine. In April 2015, after months of speculation, confirmed that the 2016 Honda Civic Type R 4th generation will be released in the United States.

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