2016 Ford GT

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The Ford GT is an American mid-engine 2-seater sports car. Ford Motor Company produced Ford GT for 2005-2006 model years. The designers were inspired by cars of the 1960 Ford GT40 racing.

2016 Ford GT Development

The Ford GT began as a concept car in anticipation of the anniversary year of the car, and as part of its efforts to present, and to revive his name developed by “Heritage” as Mustang and Thunderbird. At the Detroit Auto Show 1995 Ford GT90 concept was shown. At the Auto Show in 2002, Ford unveiled a new GT40 Concept Car. Camilo Pardo, the head of “Living Legends” Ford workshop, credited as the chief designer of the GT and worked under the guidance of J Mays. Carroll Shelby was brought by Ford to develop the 2016 Ford GT, included the performance testing of the prototype car. While the project is still a secret, it was Petunia.

The 2016 Ford GT is similar in appearance to the original Ford GT40 cars, but bigger, wider and longer than 3 inches (76 mm) larger than the original 40-inch (100 cm). Therefore, a potential name for the car was the GT43. Although the vehicles visually related, there is no similarity between the modern and the 1960 GT GT40 that inspired them. Three production prototypes were introduced in 2003 as part of the centenary of Ford, and the delivery of the production Ford GT began in the fall of 2004.

A British company, Safir Engineering, who built GT40 continuation in the 1980s, the trademark owner “GT40” at this time. When she completed production, they sold excess parts, design and the trademark to a small Ohio company called Safir GT40 Spares. This company authorized to use the “GT40” brand Ford for the initial 2002 show car When Ford decided to the production vehicle, negotiations between the two companies went bankrupt. The production cars do not wear the GT40 badge.

2016 Ford GT Features

The 2016 Ford GT features many new and unique technologies, including the super-plastic-formed frame, aluminum body panels, floor panels laminated roll, a center tunnel friction stir, a reservoir “Ship-in-a bottle” gas, a tank system without a stopper, a piece of the door panels and an aluminum engine cover with a carbon fiber inner panel in a single piece. The brakes are completely made of aluminum Brembo four-piston caliper with perforated and internally ventilated brake discs. When the rear canopy is open, the elements of the rear axle and the engine are visible.

2016 Ford GT500

2016 Ford GT500

The 5.4L V8 modular center is mounted is made from aluminum with a Lysholm twin screw compressor. It features a forged rotating assembly in an aluminum block designed specifically for the GT program, housed. Dry sump lubrication is used, so that the motor in the lower chassis of the car seats. The DOHC 4-valve heads are redesigned Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R yokes 2000. The camshafts have unique specifications, with more lift and duration, such as those found in the Shelby GT500. Power is 550 hp (410 kW; 558 PS) at 6500 rpm and generates 500 pounds · ft (678 Nm) of torque at 3750 rpm. A Ricardo six-speed transmission with a helical Limited. Limited-slip differential. Car and Driver tested the GT in January 2004 and took a 0-60 time of 3.3 seconds with a time of 3.7 seconds 5-60.

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