2016 Ford Bronco

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The  2016 Ford Bronco is a commercial vehicle, which was produced from 1966 to 1996, with five different generations. All of these vehicles are currently as Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) classified. Early Broncos (1966-1977) and full-size Broncos (1978-1996): Broncos can be divided into two categories.

2016 Ford Bronco History

The Ford Bronco was introduced in 1966 to compete with small four-wheel-compact SUV that contain the Jeep CJ-5 and International Harvester Scout, and it was on its own platform. A major overhaul in 1978 pulled the Bronco in a larger size, with a shortened Ford F-series truck chassis to compete with both the similar Chevy Blazer K5 suited and Dodge Ramcharger. The full-size Ford Broncos and the successor Expedition were produced in Michigan Truck Ford Wayne, Michigan.

The Bronco came durable American popular culture, June 17, 1994, when a white model 1992 owned by Al Cowlings with OJ Simpson, who wanted for the murder of his ex-wife and her friend was driven, trying to escape the Los Angeles Police Department in a low-speed chase that consults nationally televised and millions became national.

The original Bronco was an ORV (off-road), designed to compete primarily with Jeep CJ models and International Harvester Scout. Small choice Size Bronco on a 92 inch (2337 mm) wheelbase is convenient for some applications, but impractical for towing. The Bronco was the first compact SUV from Ford.

The idea behind the Bronco began Ford product manager Donald N. Frey, who is also the Ford Mustang; and as well, Lee Iacocca pushed the idea to production. In many ways, the Bronco was a more original than the Mustang concept; relative during Mustang on the Ford Falcon had horses a chassis, suspension, and a body that performs with another vehicle are not common.

The Ford Bronco was designed by the engineer Paul G. Axelrad. Although axles and brakes were obtained from the four-wheel drive Ford F-100 was used, the front axle is by swivel arms in the vicinity of the rear of the transmission of the located (the frame front axle) and a side bar of the way, allowing the use of helical springs, the Bronco the a 34-foot (10.4 m) turning circle, long suspension travel and anti-dive geometry gave was useful for snow removal. The rear suspension is more conventional, with leaf springs in typical Hotchkiss design. A change during operation Dana Corp. Transfer case and locking hubs were standard and heavy suspension was an option.

2016 Ford Bronco Engine

The 2016 Ford Bronco original engine, the Ford 170 cu (2.8 L) straight-6, modified with solid valve lifters, US 6-quart (6 L) oil pan, heavy fuel pump, oil bath air filter, and compensates a carburetor with a float bowl against tipping.

2016 Ford Bronco Design

The 2016 Ford Bronco styling has been subordinated to the simplicity and economy, so that all the glass was flat, had bumpers straight C-sections, the setting was just balance housing and the right door skins and base were left identical, except for the mounting holes. The 2016 Ford Bronco, the first offered in cars halfcab, and less popular Roadster configuration. The roadster version was abandoned and the Sport package that a model line was added later.

2016 Ford Bronco SVT Conept

2016 Ford Bronco SVT Conept

The base price was US $ 2,194, but the long list of options includes front bucket seats, a rear seat, a tachometer and a CB radio and functional elements such as a towbar, an auxiliary gas tank, a public offering of electricity from a snowplow, a winch and a snail. Spare accessories included campers overdrive units and the usual selection of wheels, tires, chassis and 2016 Ford Bronco engine parts for increased performance.