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Fisker Automotive was an American company known for producing Fisker Karma, which was one of the first fully-electric hybrid cars. There was a credit to the 2008 North American International Film Show, and the first broadcast was in 2011. The production of Fisker Karma was discontinued in November 2012 due to the demise of its A123 Systems battery supplier, with approximately 2,450 Karmas built since 2011 and more than 2000 vehicles. sold worldwide. In February 2014, the construction of the Fisker Karma fleet at Foter Automotive, a toolkit, and manufacturing facility in Delaware were purchased by the Chinese auto conglomerate Wanxiang Group.

Henrik Fisker, the founder of Fisker Automotive, maintained Farker trademarks and Fisker product and launched a separate company, Fisker Inc., in 2016. Wanxiang renamed its new company Karma Automotive.

Fisker Karma

Fisker Karma was a luxury plug-in hybrid sports car produced by Fisker Automotive and manufactured at Valmet Automotive in Finland. After missing the first launch in late 2009, and after several re-launches, the first delivery took place in the U.S. Late July 2011 and sales customer service commenced in November 2011.

Fisker Karma Car

Fisker Karma Car

An estimated 20.1 kWh lithium-ion battery in each car came from A123 Systems in Watertown, Massachusetts. The aluminum frame was engineered by Fisker and supplied by Norway’s Norsk Hydro. The interior of the cupboard was manufactured by Fisker Automotive but made in the United States by Canada’s Magna International. The EVer Powertrain program, with the hybrid technology, delivered over 400 capabilities and was inspired by Quantum Technologies, the first investor in Fisker. The Karma brand was reunited as the Karma Revero in 2016 by Karma Automotive.

Fisker Surf and sunset

Fisker unveiled the concept of the 2009 Karma S hardtop convertible.
The Fisker Surf plug-in hybrid concept was unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. The Surfs will have a 50-meter (80-mile) electric motor and an additional 250 (400 meters) when running a petrol engine, which acts as a battery pack manufacturer. Like Karma, Surf works in Sports or energy-saving ways. In sports, the car can reach 60 mph (97 km / h) from 0 in 5.9 seconds and the top speed is 125 mph (201 km / h). According to Henrik Fisker, Surf will be part of the company’s design and will be available in North American and international delivery in 2013. The price was expected to be at the same level as Karma. In early 2012, the company announced that it was putting down its plans to produce Surf and Sun. Instead, they decided to continue the production of Fisker Atlantic.

Fisker Atlantic

In April 2012, Fisker unveiled his model for the Atlantic at the 2012 New York International Auto Show. Fisker Atlantic, originally called “Project Nina”, shares a range-extender system from the larger Karma, but uses a BMW-reduced petrol engine, which acts as a manufacturer to keep batteries charged. The Atlantic is a four-wheel drive, with a four-wheel-drive option. The expected distance to all electricity is 30 mi (48 km).

The Atlantic was scheduled to be Fisker Automotive’s second production car, after the Fisker Surf and Sunset variant production plans for its set Karma were completed in early 2012. Production was originally planned to begin in late 2012 at the former GM building in Wilmington, Delaware. In October 2012, the fleet manager decided to postpone production by the end of 2014 or 2015 due to financial problems.

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