2018 Fiat Ducato

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The 2018 Fiat Ducato is a light commercial vehicle produced since 1981 by Fiat. Fiat Ducato production is managed by a joint venture called Sevel (European Society for Light Vehicles) 50% owned by Fiat and PSA. Presentation and marketing of the Duchy came in 1981 to replace the Fiat 242, and in 2006 he was presented the third generation. The different generations have also been made with the other brands of the Fiat- Chrysler and PSA Group.

The 2018 Fiat Ducato, marketed under various brands and available in various versions, is produced all over the world: the production is divided by macroeconomic areas, such as customary by Fiat: The production for the macro-EMEA is in Italy in Sevel Sud. For the “LATAM” market the production takes place in Brazil, the Fiat plant in Sete Lagoas. As of 2013, the duchy is also sold in the market NAFTAand produced in the Chrysler plant in Saltillo in Mexico.

Only for the Russian market production takes place in the factory Sollers Elabuga, while for the Turkish market production takes place in the plant Tofaş in Bursa. Regardless of where it is produced, and the brand under which it is marketed, the components all come from Italian plant in Val di Sangro. The production of the Fiat Ducato, together with allied industries, accounting for 10% of the entire gross domestic product of the Abruzzo region. In 30 years have produced more than 4.5 million Fiat Ducato in Atessa.

2018 Fiat Ducato Design

The 2018 Fiat Ducato appearance of the bow was modernized with new lights, grille and buffer, as well as the rear lights, were minor changes. The new headlight connection is also available LED daytime running lights. The cab was upgraded seating, and optional gets to work the touch of the five-inch multifunction display, which is controlled by the radio and the rear view camera. Cruise control also became a standard option. Technical improvements are the brakes according to the manufacturer prior efficient, and the basket is added to steel to improve torsional stiffness.

2018 Fiat Ducato Engine

The petrol engine was abandoned, and all diesel engines are DOHC-type 16-valve. Initially available in the 2,2- (100 hp), 2,3 (120/130 hp) and 3.0-liter (155 hp) MultiJet. The 2.2-liter engine is from Ford, others are manufactured by Iveco. Ducato engine range Ford’s engine was replaced by Fiat’s own 2.0-liter (113 hp). 2.3 Multi-Jet power options changed 130- and 146-horsepower, and a 2018 Fiat Ducato 3.0-liter power of 175 horsepower.

2018 Fiat Ducato Model

2018 Fiat Ducato Model

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