2017 Dodge Durango

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2017 Dodge Durango is a sport utility vehicle for the brand Dodge of Chrysler. The model year 1998’s first generation was the successor of the set 1993 Dodge Ramcharger. In 2004 appeared then the second generation, which has been revised for the model year of 2007. The Dodge Durango was in Newark Assembly Plant in Newark (Delaware) produced.

The first Dodge Durango was shortly after the introduction of the second generation of the Dodge Dakota. During the late 1980’s designers had proposed at Chrysler, an SUV based on the Dakota pickups to build; however, it was at that time in favor of the Grand Cherokee branded Jeep abandoned. The Durango has a robust ladder-frame construction with attached car body, which can carry up to seven passengers and pull force of up to 4.0 tonnes has towable. The 4.7-liter PowerTech – V8 replaced from the 2000 model year the 5.2-liter engine. That same year, a high-performance version of the type designation R/T was with all-wheel drive brought out and a 5.9-liter engine.

2017 Dodge Durango Facelift

In April 2006, debuted at the Dallas Auto Show a revised model for the 2007 version of the Durango to counteract a drop in sales. Redesigned included the bonnet, radiator grille, front lighting units and bumpers and wheels. Inside, the operation of the air conditioning system was revised, and the seats of the second and third series had been redesigned. 2017 Durango equipment was an ESP , a parking assistance extended -Blink system back, an automatic tire pressure control and a “one-touch”. For Dodge Durango, 2017 model technical changes were limited to a newly designed vehicle floor and a revision of the electronics.

From the end of 2008, the Durango was briefly available in a hybrid version. This was about the cooperation with GM developed Advanced Hybrid System 2 in connection with the Chrysler Hemi V8 engine . Just weeks after the start of production of the hybrid model, the entire production of the Durango, as well as the parallel model, was Chrysler Aspen discontinued for lack of demand. Due to overproduction, both models were still some time available in new cars by mid-2009.

2017 Dodge Durango Recall

On August 16, 2012, Chrysler recalled 1,661 2013 model Dodge Durango SUV in the United States and Canada for a few airbags can not sit in an accident. The recall affects 1,449 of the seven-passenger versions of the SUV in the United States and 212 in Canada and other markets. On July 24, 2015, Chrysler recalled all 2014-2015 Dodge Durangos with the 8.4-inch touch screens because of safety concerns with the software that controls the vehicle, because it can also hack.

2017 Dodge Durango Model

2017 Dodge Durango Model

The vulnerability was discovered by software engineers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek and initially placed on Wired. This vulnerability would allow hackers to remotely access and on a variety of functions, including those important parts of the drive through a vulnerability in the UConnect infotainment system.

2017 Dodge Durango Specification

Type: SUV
Rating: 5/5 Car and Driver | 6.7/10 The Car Connection
MSRP: From $29,995
MPG: Up to 19 city / 26 highway
Towing capacity: 6,200 to 7,400 lbs
Fuel tank capacity: 24.6 gal
Dimensions: 201″ L x 76″ W x 71-72″ H

2017 Dodge Durango Configuration & Price

2017 Dodge Durango SXT $29,995
2017 Dodge Durango GT $37,495
2017 Dodge Durango Citadel $41,395
2017 Dodge Durango R/T $42,095