2016 BMW M8

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The 2016 BMW M8 (8 Series) is a grand tourer BMW operated from 1989 to 1999 either built by a V8 or V12. BMW M8 has supplant the original E24 based 6 Series in 1991, is a common misconception that the 8 series was developed as a successor. However, in fact, it was an entirely new class to another market, with a much higher price and better performance than the series 6. It was BMW’s flagship car and had an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph (250 km / h).

Planned originally equipped with empirical multi-valve cylinder heads as a rival  Ferrari with a special 550 horsepower version of the S70 engine is essentially a bored version of the M70. A common misconception is that this engine powered the McLaren F1. However, when its suggested to McLaren’s designer Gordon Murray, idea was rejected because engine was too heavy and long for McLaren F1. Instead, variations on the original S70 on the 850CSi uses the S70 / S70 and 2/3 were the McLaren F1 used (the change was used in the prototype, was the motor M8 S70 / 1).

The project was eventually abandoned because BMW decided it. No market for 2016 BMW M8 The only prototype ever produced by BMW in enclosed Giftschrank Company (poison storage) (that also ensures that the road would have been). The M division BMW and had strongly denied that the car is still the possibility, since the early stages of their development. A world first in the February 2010 edition of the BMW Car Magazine, however, showed that the M8 prototype still exists in its entirety. The car was presented to journalists for the first time 2 July 2010 in the BMW Museum in Munich. The only public performance of the car happened August 17, 2012 in “The Legend of Carmel, California take Highway” Auto Show. The car has been sent specially from Germany appearance.

2016 BMW M8 GT

2016 BMW M8 GT

While the BMW M8 ever produced, it is interesting to note that the 850CSi were also granted by the Department of BMW M. Apart from sporting an M-tuned engine (the prefix S instead of the prefix M is a well tuned engine would not M) identifying VIN the car as the car of BMW Motorsport built (WBS prefix) instead of BMW AG (WBA prefix). By own BMW protocol marketed 850CSi was essentially a version of the M8 hearing alleged.

2016 BMW M8 Concept

2016 BMW M8 Concept

The 2016 BMW M8 can be seen a very rare car in any form of motorsport. But one of the best examples was built by Wagenstetter Motorsport and until recently was run in the VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring. 2016 BMW M8 is based on a 840i based, but now has an E39 M5 5.0-liter V8, the 555 hp (414 kW; 563 PS) and 472 pounds · ft (640 Nm) of torque and a six-speed gearbox of the same car.

2016 BMW M8 Gallery

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