2016 BMW M2

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BMW, yet not proved that 2016 BMW M2 will go into manufacturing, but the spy shots in the last year would suggest smaller M offers could be finished sooner rather than later. As is the case with most BMW products, 2016 BMW M2 will probably take before they debut early 2016 on sale in Europe, and finally come to the United States as a 2017 model.

2016 BMW M2 Interior

According to the outside should 2016 BMW M2 some stylistic elements of the current performance M cars to carry out their seats and race-inspired steering wheel and unique gauges, measuring and control technology.

2016 BMW M2 Exterior

When the 2016 BMW M2 comes, expect the same level M Performance car style M4 and M6 have. The M235i is a good starting point for the 2016 BMW M2 with aggressive fascia and sportier wheels, but the more powerful version is probably larger diameter wheels, to make room for upgraded brakes.

2016 BMW M2 Engine

The heart of a BMW M car performance and handling, and 2016 BMW M2 is sure to deliver. Power should be 365 horsepower and 343 lb-ft of torque from the 3.0-liter BMW BMW twin-turbo inline-six. The real challenge for BMW in the development of M2 to give the car a stiffer suspension and a curb weight. The 320-horsepower M235i weighs 3505 pounds, so it will be interesting to see how BMW can shave weight from the M235i to maximize power to weight ratio. That is, the M4 is about 100 pounds lighter than the heavier 4 Series Coupe (the 435i) means BMW could theoretically the weight of the M2 slim down to an empty weight mid 3400 books.

2016 BMW M2 Price

The 2016 BMW M2 is certainly a price somewhere between $43,100 BMW M235i and the BMW M4 Coupe $62,000, but absolutely what the pricing will be the big question. To avoid too close to the BMW M3 / BMW M4, 2016 BMW M2 waiting for a price somewhere in the middle to upper class $50,000 prize category.

2016 BMW M2 xDrive

2016 BMW M2 xDrive