2017 Bentley SUV Bentayga

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2017 Bentley SUV Bentayga is a four- seat, five-door luxury SUV built with unibody construction, a Volkswagen Group W12 engine, and full-time four-wheel drive. 2017 Bentley SUV  is based on the Volkswagen Group MLB platform, the same platform used in the second generation 2017 Audi Q7 and the future third generation Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg, but 80% of the parts are unique.

2017 Bentley SUV Bentayga Bentley is the first production SUV, and it is an evolution of the 2012 Bentley EXP 9 F concept car, though the final design was unveiled as of early 2015. The heavy camouflage test cars photographed until so far indicate that the Bentayga lot closer to the flying Spur in terms of styling as the EXP 9 F. Bentley the Bentayga at the Frankfurt Motor show formally launched in September 2015. Production began on 27 November 2015 at Bentley’s Crewe factory, as a 2016 model will look.

2017 Bentley SUV Development

Bentley’s first SUV production for the first emerge as the Bentley EXP 9 F concept car at the Geneva Motor Show 2012. The 2017 Bentley SUV is based on the Volkswagen Group MLB platform, powered by a 6.0-liter W12 engine 600 hp.The production version was announced in July 2013. It has since been redesigned for a more conventional watch sports, because of the design well received by critics.

Bentley officially unveiled the name Bentayga January 2015. The name was inspired by Taiga, the world’s largest transcontinental snow forest, and is composed of the first four letters of Bentley and an altered spelling of Taiga. Bentley also inspired by the rugged peak of the Roque Bentayga in Gran Canaria, the subtropical Canary Island. Bentayga also means “carried interest” in Swahili.

2017 Bentley SUV Powertrain

2016 Bentayga will be the first Bentley’s new twin-turbocharged W12 engine received. Initially, the W12 is the only engine option for the Bentayga will, capable of bypassing drive cylinder if necessary. and 664 lb · ft (900 N · m) of torque and will move Bentayga 0-62 mph (0-100 km / h, the 6.0l, twin-turbo will an estimated 600 kW under 5.0 seconds.

Bentley has officially confirmed that the 2017 Bentayga will Bentley’s first production plug-in hybrid to be while company executives said in interviews that the Bentayga would also get a diesel engine. A V-8 version is planned for 2018. The 2017 Bentley SUV 8-speed gearbox splits torque by 60% to cover, and 40% to the front. The 2017 Bentley SUV Bentayga W12 Bentayga will have a top speed of 187 km (301 km / h). The Bentayga use a 48-volt electrical system to its electronically controlled active anti-roll bar (EWAS), which helps to control the heavy SUV reduce body roll.

2017 Bentley SUV Model

2017 Bentley SUV Model

Originally expected to be produced by Volkswagen at Volkswagen Bratislava plant in Slovakia, the factory where all the other models based on the production platform, reached an agreement with producing the British government for the model on the Crewe factory. Bentley invest £ 800 million in a new facility in Crewe and hired 1,000 new employees in the demand for 3000-4000 SUV meets annually. Although production of the Bentayga moved to Crewe, the production of the Bentayga’s body remains at the Bratislava facility. A total of 608 units will be made for the first edition, 75 of them sold in the US market.

2017 Bentley SUV Bentayga Marketing

Shortly after it was announced that Bentley has begun the development of a production SUV, the company promotes the Bentayga by the pressure of the official URL on the part of the early camouflaged test cars to the press coverage lever by car photographers.

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