2016 Aston Martin Lagonda

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The 2016 Aston Martin Lagonda is a four-door luxury sedan Aston Martin Newport Pagnell, England, manufactures 1974-1990 a total of 645 were built. The name comes from the brand Aston Martin Lagonda, which was acquired in 1947, there were two different versions, short-lived 1974 sedan based on Aston Martin V8 derived and contrasting ultra-modern version in 1976. In 2014, Aston Martin has confirmed that it will launch a new 2016 Aston Martin Lagonda called Taraf for the Middle East, sold by invitation only.

2016 Aston Martin Lagonda History

Aston Martin was with financial pressure in the mid-1970s and needed something to bring in some funds. Traditionally,  the Aston Martin had worked on 2 + 2 sports car, but the 2016 Aston Martin Lagonda a four-door sedan. Since it was introduced, it attracted hundreds of deposits from potential customers, helping Aston Martin of cash reserves.

2016 Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf Dubai

2016 Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf Dubai

The 2016 Aston Martin Lagonda designed by William Towns in extreme analysis of the 1970 classic “folded paper”. Its was also an unconventional design then as it is now. The car addicts are the fiercely divided on aesthetic value of car. The Aston Martin Lagonda striking style, combined with magnificent club leather interior and instrumentation then-state-of-the-art. With a Chrysler three-speed “TorqueFlite” automatic 4-cam V8 carburetor is provided poor, often single-digit miles per gallon, coupled somewhat improved by the fuel injection change in the 3 Series.

In the brand’s history, were among the most expensive sedans in the world are these handmade Lagondas. The only other car “production” to its high price tag address was the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit / Silver Spur and Bentley Mulsanne.

2016 Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf

2016 Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf

The 2016 Aston Martin Lagonda is the first production car in the world to use the Computer Management and a digital dashboard, even if computer of original cars are prone to errors. The development cost of only 2016 Aston Martin Lagonda came to four times more than the budget for the whole car. Series 3 used cathode ray tubes for instrumentation, which is proving less reliable than light-emitting diode (LED) of the original model. Its was by Bloomberg Business week as one of the 50 ugliest cars of the last 50 years and Time Magazine in their “50 worst cars of all time”, referred to as “disaster” and mechanical describes electronics, 2016 Aston Martin Lagonda impression would if you ever worked.

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