2018 Alfa Romeo Alfetta

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2018 Alfa Romeo Alfetta is a sporty sedan of the Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo. 2018 Alfa Romeo Alfetta was in the USA sold under the name Alfa Romeo Sports Sedan. The Alfetta name was previously used for the Grand Prix racing cars from Alfa Romeo from the 1940s. The Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2018 is a four-door sedan of the upper middle class of Alfa Romeo, which was built by spring 1972 to autumn 1984.

2018 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Design

The equipment of the vehicle corresponded to the requirements for a sedan of the upper middle class. 2018 Alfa Romeo Alfetta is by Bertone. However, since Alfa President Giuseppe Luraghi had just had trouble with Bertone, the very first version of the Alfetta was equipped with a “Centro Stile Alfa Romeo” badge. This “Ur” album was built from March 1972 to July 1974. From mid-1974 there was also the Alfetta with 1600-engine, a kind of economy version. From the beginning of 1975, Alfa Romeo Alfetta was named Alfetta 1.8, and on the outside, he had a few small revisions in the form of a wider Alfa-heart, other headlights, and a modified front-grill.

In the fall of 1977 finally appeared with heavily modified and redesigned the Alfetta 2000 among others with rectangular headlamps, wider bumpers, backward opening engine bonnet and screwed instead of welded front wings. From autumn 1979, the Alfa Romeo Alfetta turbo diesel was available with the same shape. In early 1983 the Alfetta with 2.4 l turbodiesel was added. In the spring of 1982 further modifications were carried out. Thus were partially inserted again double-headlights. In contrast to the first version, the plastic shock absorbers introduced in autumn 1977 were used.

2018 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Powertrain

The transmission of the 2018 Alfa Romeo Alfetta sat in front of the rear axle. The coupling bell was flanged in front of the gearbox. The drive shaft contained three Guido couplings for vibration decoupling, rotated with engine speed and connected the front engine with the rear clutch, gearbox, and differential unit. The masses are distributed evenly on both axles and bring as compared to conventional rear-wheel drive more weight on the rear wheels, what the traction improved.

2018 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Model

In addition, this allows neutral behavior during cornering, regardless of the loading condition. While the front axle was unloaded by this type of construction and the steering rack was smooth, the additional load on the rear axle of the Alfetta helped to improve road conditions even under bad conditions such as rain and snow.

2018 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Suspension

The 2018 Alfa Romeo Alfetta had a De Dion axle with coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers. This design combines the advantages of the rigid axle and that of the individual wheel suspension because of the differential seat. The axle body had approximately the shape of a trapezoid, showed its narrow side facing forward. There, the axis in rubber was mounted in front of the gear. To traverse behind a served Watt linkage behind the axle. The rear brake discs were flanged on the inside, ie, directly on the differential output shafts. The unsprung masses on the wheels were further reduced.

2018 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Redesign

2018 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Redesign

Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2018

Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2018

At the front, there were double wishbone and a long lying torsion bar springs, to create space in the engine compartment. The development took place before the oil crisis of 1973 and it should larger engines may be incorporated, such as the V8 from Montreal. The brake was serviced, also disk brakes were installed in the 2018 Alfa Romeo Alfetta front.