2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

March 13th, 2016 | 0 Comments | Alfa Romeo

2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is designed to help the driver. Overall performance is excellent strengthened with numerous features designed to hone and improve each trip. 2017 4C Spider, Four-mode Alpha D.N.A. gives managers the ability to create a personal vehicle experience, according to the management of conditions or desired vehicle response. Choose from its All-Weather, Sports, Dynamic or Race modes that make changes in throttle response, shift speed and traction control for a driving experience tailored to any situation.

2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Interior

Beyond delivering external beauty, the open design of the 2017 4C Spider includes an indoor that caters to the senses. Looking to turn in gazes surrounded with shiny carbon fiber accents and vent, distinctive exterior color matching materials and finishes and contrasting stitching. Sumptuous materials in seats, steering wheel, shifter and other interfaces complete the experience.

2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Interior

2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Interior

Natural elements of the most high-tech materials in automotive engineering. The monocoque of the 4C Spider is a single Carbon body similar to that of a supercar while its sump and its front and rear frames combine the strength, rigidity and lightweight properties of aluminum. 2017 Alfa 4C Spider Skin Molded Compound (SMC) is used for the outer body is 20% lighter and more stable than steel and also resists corrosion.

2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Launch Control

2017 Romeo 4C Spider is equipped with an Alfa TCT 6-speed automatic gearbox with a twin clutch and paddle shifters, to find a solution that the direct effect of a sequential shift with all the convenience of an automatic combined. Pressing the brake pedal while fully pushing the accelerator pedal and raise the left paddle on the steering wheel to activate Launch Control. Once the brake pedal is released, the system automatically controls the transmission, traction, and power to maximize acceleration. Alfa Romeo 4C Spider 2017 Model makes its mark with aggressive performance is due to innovative technology and new levels of efficiency.

2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Engine

The 2017 4C Spider boasts 237 hp, 258 lb-ft of torque, 136 kW / liter and a burning top speed of 160 km. A quick look at the engine reveals an all-aluminum design with four valves per cylinder, a new generation turbocharger, ultra-high pressure direct fuel injection and a dual-core inter-cooler that air intakes to cool before the turbo Capture range. If there’s one thing Alfa Romeo have learned from years of victory over the circuits, that’s what balance is the key. The mid-engine layout, rear-wheel drive and monocoque chassis give the 2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider ideal weight distribution with incredible handling control.

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