2018 Acura NSX

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2018 Acura NSX is a sports car by Acura, Division of Japanese automaker Honda, manufactured in 1990 to 2005 and again from April 2016. Acura NSX was the 1st time officially presented at the Motor Show in Chicago in 1989 as the first sports car brand with a central engine. The NSX is a work of precision-crafted art, draped in colors inspired by the spirit of racing and the subtleties of nature. Each Acura NSX 2016 model is individually painted and hand-finished. The paint process takes place in-house over the course of more than 20 hours per car.

Evoking granite cliffs, cool fog and natural pearls, these sophisticated colors add metallic edge or shimmering pearlescence to the signature NSX lines. Andaro® is a nano-particle aerospace innovation applied to the 2018 Acura NSX to create automotive art, the ultimate supercar finish. It’s pure chromatic color and bottomless layered depths are incomparable. Multi-step preparation leads to e-coat, two coats of primer, five coats of base coat and two layers of clear coat before 16 hours of in-process curing. Once cured, the car is hand-sanded and wiped down, and given another two layers of clear coat. In the case of Anadarko paint, there are several additional layers of nanoparticle clearcoat applied throughout the process.

Each 2017 NSX model individually investigated by the paint team, and a wave-scan tool equitably measures the texture of the surface to ensure there are no imperfections — even those not detectable to the human eye. The result is lush, layered color with luminous shine and depth, for a dynamic effect that accentuates the car’s architectural lines and conflicting surfaces. Engineers call this “color flop,” and the result is striking, the fluid beauty that shifts from angle to angle.

2018 Acura NSX Interior

Inside, 2018 Acura NSX interior’s lush colors, luxe materials, and sleek lines combine beauty with the purpose in an environment crafted entirely to support its driver. Functional performance and aesthetic pleasure become one in an interior designed for both. 2018 NSX interior color options are as bold or as subtle as its driver, dressing surfaces on the dash, door panels and center console in ebony, orchid, red or saddle. Optimal clarity is achieved through a cockpit designed around the driver. Slender, ultra-high-strength A-pillars and a lowered cowl atop the gauge cluster allow for extended sightlines, while visceral fingertip controls free the driver to connect directly with the road, hands on the wheel, eyes on the apex.


The car is fitted with sports hybrid system (Small Hybrid SH- AWD), whose primary source of power is a modern double cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine in a V6 with the cylinders arranged at an angle of 75 degrees, made of aluminum, with a capacity of 3.5 liters, with a capacity of 507 hp, which allows you to propel the car to 305km. The engine is mounted centrally for the driver and front passenger. This engine is equipped with variable valve timing – VTEC. It is supported additionally by three electric motors that drive the front and rear vehicle axle with a total power of 74 hp. In total, the power of the vehicle is 581 hp and torque of 646 Nm. Power is transmitted to the wheels via a 9-speed automatic transmission equipped with a dual clutch. All engines are equipped with the system Brake Assist.


The vehicle is equipped with a system of Integrated Dynamic System, which enables a complete change of the characteristics of the car. Available modes are Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track. In Quiet mode, the car is powered solely by electric motors.

The car may be equipped with, among others, in made fully technology LED headlights and tail lights, the system ESP, Electric windows, Electric mirrors, electrically adjustable seats, automatic air conditioning, adaptive cruise control, parking sensors, a system of satellite navigation, digital TFT display indicators, multifunction steering wheel, leather upholstery, electronic parking brake and a ceramic brake system.

2017 – 2018 Acura NSX Specification

Model, 2018 Acura NSX – 2017 Acura NSX
Type, Luxury vehicle
Rating, 4.5/5 by Car and Driver
MSRP: “start from $156,000”
Horsepower, 573 hp
Engine, 3.5 L V6
MPG, 21 city / 22 highway
Curb Weight, “3,803 lbs”
Dimensions, 176″ L x 87″ W x 48″ H

2018 Acura NSX Type R

2018 Acura NSX Type R

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