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The Lincoln Motor Company divides the Ford Motor Company, which sells valuable cars under the Lincoln brand. Lincoln, founded in 1917 by Henry M. Leland, became Ford’s helper in 1922. By 2012, by the end of Mercury line, Lincoln called the name “Lincoln Motor Company” to distinguish its Ford vehicles. Currently, the product combines sedans, crossover, sports service cars, and limousine use versions. They are mainly sold in North America. Ford launched a Lincoln product in China in 2014. Lincoln’s cars are also legally sold in the Middle East and South Korea.

The Lincoln Motor Company was founded in Augustus 1917 by Henry Leland and his son Wilfred. Developer Henry Leland called his new car company to Abraham Lincoln, the first president of the castle, for his voice (1864). Since the United States was still involved in World War I, the main source of the company’s income was military agreements; Lincoln joined the engine of Liberty V12, with the cylinder supplied by the Ford Motor Company, Buick, Cadillac, Marmon, and Packard.

In addition to the engine production, Lincoln produced its first car in Lincoln, Lincoln, 1917. Modified by the V8 engine, Model L was sold as luxury cars, which compete with other US automakers. After the war ended, Lincoln’s phone was fully pressed in the production of a car.

2018 Lincoln SUV

2018 Lincoln SUV

In 1927 Lincoln used the greyhound as a canvas, and in the 1930s he used a sleeveless dress with a red cross and a knight helmet used as a legal sign. The launch of a Lincoln Dress Up has been accompanied by the launch of a Ford handbag from the early 1950s. The armor was seen in different types of Lincoln until the mid-1950s when the armor entered a four-dimensional star, currently being used.

Lincoln Current Models

In the 2007 year, Lincoln described the description of the leading multi-purpose alphabet called “MK”. However, it was announced in November 2017 that Lincoln will launch an “MK” campaign in all models relating to traditional names such as refreshing or rehabilitation models.

Lincoln Motorsport

Although torn apart, Lincoln did not exist with motorsports. Like about 50 Americans, Lincoln joined the series of the Great National Stock Car. They will stay 90 years until the Winston Cup series is postponed under Chevrolet- Pontiac-Ford. Lincoln also empowers Le Mans prototypes, replacing F Ford with the American Le Mans series.

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